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Presenting ClosedPrivate

November 13, 2007

This weekend I was asked to present on the topic of ClosedPrivate vs. OpenSocial at a conference. Clearly, the organizers do not get it. ClosedPrivate isn’t a movement to be evangelized. It needs no evangelism. It stands on its own. I told this to the gentleman inquiring and said that I would not discuss ClosedPrivate. […]

Kevin Marks from Google at Defrag

November 6, 2007

Kevin Marks from Google is up on stage discussing OpenSocial and walking us through a presentation.  He did a nice job defending himself from the hecklers in the crowd, especially the clueless VC ones.  He just said “privacy concerns” which reminds me that under the parameters of ClosedPrivate I need to stop talking about his […]