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ASpace and ClosedPrivate

December 7, 2007

Tyler Willis has the inside scoop.  He’s wrong, but he’s on a track.  Not a particularly accurate one, but a track nonetheless.  Secret Islands in the Pacific shaped like skulls is a little closer.  Or closed. Advertisements

Who is eyeing your API?

November 11, 2007

Yes, API has been proclaimed the king of the social web. But do you need it? Of course not! Consider how APIs work. You spend time luring users to your site. You create a hot site to make them create account. You make it really hot so that they bring their friends. You sit there […]

Please Don’t Free My Data

November 8, 2007

One of the guiding principles of ClosedPrivate is secrecy. No matter what, we won’t let you have access to your data, or anyone elses. We promise. We’ve spent many minutes figuring out the best approaches to this and when we actually roll out the spec (in private, of course) we’ll make sure we don’t do […]