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Presenting ClosedPrivate

This weekend I was asked to present on the topic of ClosedPrivate vs. OpenSocial at a conference. Clearly, the organizers do not get it. ClosedPrivate isn’t a movement to be evangelized. It needs no evangelism. It stands on its own. I told this to the gentleman inquiring and said that I would not discuss ClosedPrivate. His response, I quote:

How do the things I want to keep private stay private and the things I want public get public and how do you make it easy to differentiate the gradients in between.

ClosedPrivate isn’t just about gradients. I’ve heard this before. While others speak of not requiring openness or transparency, but instead that an organization must be approaching openness and transparency with ClosedPrivate it’s important to note privacy and closed-mindedness is the goal that ClosedPrivate can help you attain.

There have been a lot of conversations where the CEO walked into the CIOs office and asked what is this ClosedPrivate thing, like they did 10 years ago about the internet, and what is our strategy? Three key questions:

  • Articulating the value — less concerned about hard ROI, but do want to know how to think about the value delivered
  • Help with selection decisions — how to differentiate among available tools
  • Help with deployment efforts — what is the playbook for ensuring adoption and exploitation

If you’re looking to deploy ClosedPrivate in the enterprise you need to develop models and frameworks, present theories to managers. A knowledge worker’s view of the enterprise has a group in which she has strong ties with. Far smaller than the 150 Robin Dunbar number. Then there is a larger group of weak ties, dispersed around the organization. Then there is the even larger group of potential ties, people who she could or should have a tie with. And, let’s not kid ourselves, there are people we have no need to connect with, or do we? In this bullseye picture, each ring as a different set of activities, and a prototypical technology to serve each ring. ClosedPrivate permeates all these.

At some point, there is a mashup to be done with this bullseye. This with ClosedPrivate will leverage a bifurcation of emphasis on the known and unknown. The implicit and explicit. With ClosedPrivate mapping tools one can tie strength to the threshold to prevent participation.

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s really that simple. I mean really, if you don’t get this now–you will soon enough.


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