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Who is eyeing your API?

Yes, API has been proclaimed the king of the social web. But do you need it? Of course not!

Consider how APIs work.

You spend time luring users to your site. You create a hot site to make them create account. You make it really hot so that they bring their friends. You sit there and watch while their data flows into your database. And then?

You fall victim to the open API movement. Under the peer pressure, one day you wake up and decide to open YOUR data.  The data you spent days, weeks and even months collecting. The data you tricked people into giving you.

One day you go crazy and open it up.

The result? Thousands of ungrateful competitors descend on your site and eat your lunch. Eat YOUR data. For free.

What is wrong with you? Why would you do it?

For decades this industry prided itself on proprietary data. Silos thrived. And now you gonna change that? To fit into this so called social movement? To make your users happy? C’mon get real. Stop pretending like there is anything in it for you.

There is nothing. Zero.

We urge you to stand up and rebel against the APIs. More than that, make it so that even you can’t access the data that you collected. This is the only sensible thing to do. If you do not, there is a chance that a high school student will hack in, create an API and expose YOUR data.

Do not let this happen to you. Fire all the API lovers from your company today!


One Response to “Who is eyeing your API?”

  1. The fact is, ClosedPrivate will be providing a standard for a SOAP based API. The XSD will never be released.

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