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Announcing The ClosedPrivate Initiative

Did you seriously think we were going to tell you anything useful? This is – after all – the ClosedPrivate Initiative. We are Closed and we are Private. You have to be a member to participate. Don’t be sad – there’s always OpenSocial.


14 Responses to “Announcing The ClosedPrivate Initiative”

  1. I’m surprised comments are allowed on such a closed system 🙂

  2. Yes – well – the initiative must have some bugs still.

  3. I know the handshake. Anyone know the password?

  4. so much for everything being open.

  5. I feel left out! I’m not sure I like being left out. Makes me feel like that time I got ditched in Jr. High when I thought someone else was getting ditched…

  6. Sign me up. Seriously. I want in.

  7. I would like to be in charge of identifying moles within the organization, as well as pointing out likely external conspiracies.

  8. Very refreshing honesty, candor and sense of context. Why waste time with OpenSocial when ClosedPrivate is at hand.

    Michael Krigsman

  9. I **** exactly **** closedprivate ****. Could ** then after*** find a ****. Nice *** Br*d.

    [Name Redacted]

  10. I’m not really interested in what you are doing. I just stopped by to be social.

  11. I blogged about this important new initiative. Hope I didn’t jump the gun…Last thing we need is social vapor.

  12. I think the real question in all of this is…. will it blend?!

  13. Reminds me of that MySpace clone

  14. i’m an implementor/developer that would like to join closedprivate


    will u respond by email?

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